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Truth: Why don't you like me, hmm~?


A question that normally would be sidestepped, or responded to with some deflecting phrase, perhaps even avoided entirely by walking away. Not today, though—no running from a question she’s sure will leave her in the dirt, shamed and pitied and despised for being such a petty creature. Her tongue feels like a chunk of pure lead in its heaviness, but she begins to speak nonetheless in a voice that’s low and nearly emotionless.

”I don’t like you because you’re everything I can’t be even if I tried. You’re beautiful, charming, and sociable, you have half of the Seireitei falling over themselves in adoration, loyal friends… pretty much everyone’s on your side.”

A hint of bitterness crept in, hands clenching at her sides while her head remained bowed.

"Every time you talk to me it’s like you pity me, like—" For a moment her voice choked up from a bout of intense emotions, ones that stayed hidden due to her obscured face. "I hate having all of that rubbed in my face, and I hate being pitied. Just leave me alone please.”

Rangiku was struck speechless by that revelation. She was even more so by the intensity she could feel palpably lingering in the air between them like a monster uncovered bare glowering at her with such sharp ferocity.

She could see the weight of those and the strain they caused to speak them so, bring them out from the depths of her being and the anguish reflected with something else, anger, bitterness and even a sliver of loathing.

Yet instead of being furious by what was she, she was surprised. Very much so. Grey blues, reflecting that emotion with a wide stare aimed and focused upon the fourth seat of the eighth. Soon though, her surprised gave way to a kind smile,one she hoped would be met with an understanding that she was not angry at the woman, but instead she was glad to finally have understood what was the reason behind her crudeness towards her. With such care, she reached for her hand, holding it with her own patted it with her other then shook her head as before she spoke.

"I don’t pity you. Why would I? What reason would make me do such a thing? If my actions in the past had made you think so then I’m sorry, that was never my intention. I guess you misunderstood me and I don’t blame you, people jump to conclusions about me all the time, that’s nothing new." She shrugged it off with a light breath of a chuckle before she wrinkled her nose at the stubborn little brunette. "For a smart girl you sure are mean. I’m not leaving you alone. I want to be your friend" And without warning she pulled those shaking shoulders close to her wrapping her arms around her in what she hoped would be a well received embrace. 

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
—Joshua Graham (via outdoor-anarchy)

Always the cure dear… Always!

Ah~ You’re a lady who understands~

"Nothing like retail therapy to set one’s mood~" Happy hums. 


"Where there was fire, ashes remain."

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what doesn’t kill you fucks you up mentally and affects your ability to have stable relationships with other human beings


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